1. Branded/Original Components
  1. Preformed Does not apply for screw-retained restorations but options allow for cement-retained in lab with screw hole access. This will then function similar to a screw-retained restoration.
    • Either zirconia or titanium
    • Can be either straight/angled
  2. Castable
    • Plastic
    • Gold adapt
    A range of alloy options are available.
  3. Custom-milled Procera(Nobel) CAD/CAM
    • Metal (Titanium or cobalt chromium)
    • Zirconia
  4. Titanium Base and Screw Not for all systems
2. Generic
  • Custom-milled
  • Titanium-based
  • Preformed
3. Crown Abutment Customisation
PMF PFZ FMZ Resin IPS e.max
Cast Alloy One Piece - -
*Resin applied
Cement-retained with screw hole access
*Uncommon if dissimilar alloys

Usual Usual
Custom Milled Yes
*Titanium, Cocr
Titanium-base Titanium-base Titanium-base
*LavaTM Ultimate Cad/Cam Restorative
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