implant custom abutment

Implant Custom Abutment

Implant Custom Abutment

Do you want to talk about implant custom abutment? Let’s study this dental topic so in case you’ll need one, you’ll get the info you need immediately.

Patients who visited dentists for second opinions about the question: “Do dental implants need custom abutments or not?”, are quite confused. We’ll do our best to turn this as non-techie as possible. If you’re a bit confused after reading this content, please contact us.

Generally, implants are composed of 3 pieces: 1st, the implant that goes into your bone, 2nd, the abutment that holds the tooth, and, 3rd, the crown tooth that’s attached to the abutment.

In most cases the additional cost on ordering custom abutment isn’t always needed. It may increase the cost of the dental implant by about 10%. The best alternative to avoid manufacturing custom abutment is placing your implant properly. Many implants aren’t placed properly and at an angle that’s not correct, and so will require custom abutment to make it straight once again.

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