Dental digital workflows

Dental Work and Digital Workflows

Nowadays, digital workflows help a lot in facilitating work even in dental laboratories.

Anyway, just to explain the point… in spite of the dramatic advances in technology that have helped us to simplify our lives as consumers, our everyday experience in the workplace hasn’t been as easy to streamline using new apps and automated services.

The cost of that can be measured in the time spent on mundane activities and ordinary processes. Take the standard checklist for onboarding new employees as a example. Newly hired employees need to order laptops and other equipment, get security credentials, and choose benefit plans—just for starters.
While software tools have turned some of those steps easier, the workflows that stitch those parts together still have a tendency to bog almost everything down. Routine or ordinary tasks can eat up as much as 60% of an average employee’s time.

At the same time, mass adoption of mobile and digital technologies is moving us in the right direction (although a bit slowly) by allowing to digitized key workflows. (Let’s consider the ease today of setting up a meeting with a few clicks, compared to what that process took a decade ago.)

Instead of endlessly replacing the processes and platforms we rely upon to conduct business, digital workflows create efficiencies by improving the way existing processes interact with each other. That’s what JN dental Lab is doing now. We utilise digital workflows to facilitate our work and to make way for faster service for our clients. Before I forget, I would like to remind you that, presently, digital workflows assist a lot in facilitating work even in dental laboratories

In this article, we explain how familiar tasks in the workplace and processes are part of workflows. We also display how automation can expedite efficiency at every level of activity. Lastly, we provide examples of companies that have solved common problems by implementing digital workflows. In these times, digital workflows assist in facilitating work even in dental laboratories.

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