Zirconia Crown Melbourne

Zirconia Crown Melbourne

Zirconia crown is a phrase that is often used by dentists and other professionals in the dental industry.

About The Product

Let’s talk about porcelain restorations. Zirconia is the new thing now. It’s actually the new generation of crown and bridge porcelain restorations. Zirconia crowns are milled from solid blocks of zirconia. They are sintered over 1500 degrees Celsius and are almost unbreakable. Designed using state of the art CAD/CAM technology, the 100% monolithic zirconia crown offers a great alternative to that of posterior PFM, laminated zirconia, and gold crowns.

They don’t require so much with regards preparation design, despite that fact that they can still provide a more aesthetic pleasing result. 100% monolithic zirconia is JN Lab’s choice for posterior restorations.

Key characteristics

Suitable for posterior crowns and bridges
Acceptable aesthetics as an alternative to Full metal restorations
Limited to no risk of delaminating / porcelain shearing
Limited preparation required

Dental crowns are used most often to entirely cover or “cap” a damaged tooth or implant.

Zirconia crowns are made of zirconium oxide — a light-colored metal.
Zirconia crowns are durable and low-maintenance, but more expensive than gold, porcelain or ceramic crowns.

Dental crowns are fixed devices that are cemented on to existing weak, damaged or broken teeth to support and preserve functionality. These restorations are also used to improve the shape, alignment, or aesthetic appearance of teeth.

Zirconia Crown Melbourne

Some crowns are composed of materials such as ceramic, porcelain or gold, while zirconia dental crowns are made up of a naturally light-colored ceramic known as zirconium oxide.

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