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The dental lab Melbourne scene is alive and brimming with activities all because an excellent dental lab proliferates there. I’m talking about JN Dental lab.

Find out what you’re missing and reap the rewards
This is a place that’s designed for dentists who want to be free to choose their scanner and be rewarded for using it too by way of our Digital Cash Rebate.

Choose. Your Scanner.

We’re taking about cutting edge technology here. Intraoral scanners for digital impressions are increasingly becoming the standard of care. Historically, most scanner systems were closed with a predetermined pathway, leaving clinicians with no choice about where to send their scans. However, with the latest changes in the tech world and scanner systems in the market, people may now choose what is best for your patients and your practice. Freedom spells the difference.

To support dentists who are looking to adapt to a digital pathway, we have created a digital rebate system which rewards you every time you send a digital scan.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a scanner, there are many to choose from, and we can support your choice as your preferred laboratory.

And, if you already have a scanner in your practice, we’ve made your digital revolution easier.

Our Digital Workflow Solutions
100% Australian made product with the best global technology
Support all leading intraoral scanners
Our state of the art CAM production machines give precision results
Quality assurance using precise 3D resin printed models. The buzz in the dental lab melbourne scene is quite exciting with the advent of cutting edge tech s
Developments and of course JN Dental Lab.

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