Dental Veneers are a little like a crown, but they only cover the front of the tooth. This is very useful for some people who have minor or moderate problems with their teeth. They can certainly improve the appearance of poorly coloured or slightly misformed teeth.

Veneers are of two basic types. The older type consisted of a resin that was applied to the teeth, which then hardened in place. Or they can be porcelain surfaces, custom designed for the individual’s mouth. This porcelain type of veneer has proved more successful.

Veneers can

  • Hide imperfections on the individual tooth, like chips, or an uneven surface.
  • Hide a poorly coloured tooth with a neatly coloured veneer
  • Effectively fix a misshappen tooth.
  • Fix some alignment problems with teeth.
  • Neatly fix teeth that are too widely spaced
  • Fix minor overbite by effectively moving the teeth slightly forward.

Modern veneers are durable, effective for many cosmetic dental problems, and require only a few dental visits. 

Dental Lab Melbourne

Custom made implants, crowns and veneers can improve the function and appearance of damaged or poorly formed teeth. Modern materials make these dental devices stronger and more natural looking than ever before.

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