Braces and Implants

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Few of us ever manage to naturally achieve neat teeth. Many of us require braces or other orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. Others require crowns or even dental implants for their mouth to look right and function well. Occasionally patients need both orthodontic treatment and further alterations to their teeth. But certain combinations of treatment are not possible, or certain combinations of treatment must be done in the correct order.

Braces are almost always possible on natural teeth, but may not be possible if the natural teeth have been replaced.

Braces and crowns

Crowns are used to replace the outer part of a damaged tooth, or the outer part of a tooth that is considered unattractive. These crowns are made in a dental laboratory, specifically designed to suit the individual’s mouth.

It is possible to put braces on crowned teeth. A different adhesive is used to attach the braces to the crown, in order to prevent damage to the surface. Otherwise treatment is the same.

It is the root of the tooth that is moved by braces. As the natural root of the tooth is still present in a crowned tooth so it is still possible to use braces to alight the teeth.

If the tooth alignment problems are not too severe it might be best to consider Invisalign (clear aligners) for the orthodontic work.

Root canals and braces

Braces can be used on teeth that have had root canal treatment. Root canal treatments can be performed when braces are still being worn. There should be no problem in either case.

Implants and orthodontic treatment.

Implants and orthodontic treatments do not really mix.

Dental implants will completely replace the natural tooth with a metal post and a realistic looking facsimile tooth. The metal post, which is bonded to the jawbone, cannot be moved with braces or any other orthodontic treatment. This means braces are generally not used when a patient has implants.

Occasionally braces or Invisalign might be used if teeth other than the implant need to be moved. Natural teeth can be moved relative to the implanted teeth. And of course if the implant is on one jaw the braces can still be used on the other jaw.

Implant Crown Melbourne

Dental labs can replace teeth or heavily modify teeth with crowns and implants that look very natural and which are custom designed do suit each individual mouth.

It is best to have the braces used before any implants or crowns are used. Implants cannot be moved once that are attached, though it is still possible to move teeth that have been crowned.


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