A mouthguard will not prevent an accident, but is can greatly reduce the damage sustained to the teeth. A mouthguard can be the difference between a lost tooth and a bad bruise.

Generic mouthguards are cheap and easy to obtain. And they work reasonably well. But these generic variety will often be uncomfortable. The best option is a custom mouthguard.


CAD CAM Melbourne

A custom made mouthguard will be modelled on the individual’s teeth. A 3D impression is made of the teeth using a soft mould filled with Hydrocolloid gel. A mouthguard can be designed to neatly and comfortably fit the model of the teeth.

Computer aided design and manufacture allows high quality mouthguards to be made in minimal time.

There is a range of different Custom Mouthguards for different type of sport.

Single laminate mouthguards – ideal for low impact sports like soccer or basketball. These are best for young children.

Double laminate – is for medium impact sports like football or hockey.

Professional range – some sports require maximum protection, like martial arts or boxing.


There are also mouthguards used for correct breathing at night.


A mouthguard is more essential than the sport uniform. If offers significant protection for the teeth. Custom mouthguards are the best option of all.




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